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Unlocking the Full Potential of MYOB:

While MYOB offers unparalleled power, it’s no secret that its interface may not be as intuitive as some of its counterparts, like Xero.  All the more reason why you should arrange some structured training with a MYOB Partner.

Not only can you be sure that you will be shown how to make the most of MYOB and it’s features , you can also ensure that that your MYOB file has been set up and  optimized to suit your specific business needs.

Set up for Success:

Setting up your MYOB file correctly from the outset is paramount on your journey to business success. Think about it, you will never achieve accurate financial data if your MYOB is not set up specifically for your business. And whilst there is no doubt MYOB is a super powerful accounting package, there are a lot of menus and settings you need to update to ensure your file is customized for your business. This is not the job for a MYOB novice or MYOB DIYer…..

With a custom confirmed MYOB file, you’ll experience fewer avoidable issues and stress. Imagine the time saved and the reduction in errors when your financial data is accurately organized and readily accessible from the start.

If you set the MYOB file up correctly from the beginning then it is just a matter of maintaining it. And that is where MYOB Training comes in.

MYOB Training:

As we all know, accurate and up-to-date financials are the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you plan to run your file yourself or just will be engaging a bookkeeper to look after the file for you, it is always good to learn the basics so you can jump in if you need to.

By investing in MYOB training provided by an experienced MYOB Partner, you ensure that you are learning the most up to date methods and industry best practice from an experienced MYOB Expert.

Time to Book In?

Kate has been using MYOB for over 20 years, and was actually hesitant to move over to Xero because she was so loyal to MYOB and couldn’t imagine using another system.  Now days she can see the benefits of both packages, and offers her clients the option of either Xero training or MYOB and would be happy to talk through the various pros and cons of each.

If you are after MYOB Training, Kate can offer personalized one-on-one training sessions or interactive group session for both MYOB newbies to those who are MYOB experienced. We can tailer the session to your needs, some clients just want to be shown all the key features and tasks in a very high level way so they have a basic understanding and some clients already have the basics under control and now have specific questions and why MYOB is or isn’t doing what they want it to do….

Whether you are located near by or a million miles away we can still offer comprehensive training and because we understand it can be information overload at first we recorded each session for you, as a reference guide to go back and refer to if you need it.

Business Angels is a team of bookkeepers in Australia (and BAS agents) who specialize in providing comprehensive MYOB training and general bookkeeping services to businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout Australia.

If you are ready to unlock the full potential of MYOB and want the guidance of a MYOB Partner to show you the way please book in a session to get started. We would love to help you 😊